Ready to take possession of your new home?
Is your Pinterest Board full of ideas, but you don´t know where to start?
Are you limited by your budget, time or know-how?

Picture this: you finally receive the keys to your very first property. Oh the changes you will make! You have plans and dreams, but as many first-time homeowners, your money has gone towards the down-payment of the house and the closing fees. You are also now dealing with the mortgage payments, property taxes, home insurance and maybe even condo-fees.
When and how are those decor dreams and renovation plans going to turn into reality?!
I am here to tell you that:
Avoid unnecessary trips to the store to return items that “don´t go” or “don´t fit”. Avoid having to settle with a purchase or a renovation that did not turn out how you thought it would. Avoid saying those famous but regretful words: “I wish I would have known that”.
My personalized online consultations will be just like having me there with you. Together we will develop a VISION of the end result and a PLAN to implement it, the right way.

The Strategy Package consists of 3 online meetings with the sole objective of developing a VISION of the End Result and a PLAN to get there, one that adapts to your budget and your time-frame. You will have a clear picture of your future house and the know-how to turn it into a reality by walking away with:

Investment: $750.00 for 1 room
$1350.00 for 2 rooms
$3200.00 for 5 rooms or areas (For example: living room, dining room, and 3 bedrooms).