You bought your very first home! Now what? Start with accessorizing your living room.
Learn all about the 5 Decor Superpowers, how to SOS your space and 4 easy steps to a cohesive design.

My name is Jessica Velazquez.

I am known as the First-Home Design Specialist!

In years of working with 1st-time homeowners, I know what your questions are:

My goal is to eradicate remodeler´s remorse, which can be done when you first develop a VISION of the END RESULT of your project before any money is put down or purchases are made. If you learn to work around your budget and turn that VISION into a plan that can be implemented according to your time frame, you can tackle any design project like a pro.

Uncover the potential of your home and bring it to reality. Learn how to make it happen – on your first-time homeowner’s budget. Create your very own DESIGN STRATEGY.

I help first-time homeowners plan their renovations in stages that fit their budget and solve their lifestyle needs.​

the services

Home Design Assessment

Our 2 online-sessions will allow you to work with me on a one on one basis. As your personal designer and coach, I will take you by the hand and together we´ll do some intensive analysis of your project, will develop a VISION of the end-result and a PLAN to turn it into reality. It´s the modern way to have an interior designer and real estate expert go along with you on your design journey.

Design Strategy

The Strategy Package consists of 3 online meetings with the sole objective of providing you with a personalized roadmap. Together we will develop a VISION of the End Result and a PLAN based on your budget and timeframe. You will have a clear picture of your future home and the know-how to turn it into a reality by walking away with: furniture layouts, mood boards and a complete shopping list.

I offer in-person and online design consultations to full services. Choose the service that better serves your needs or book a call and I will help you determine your options.

What my clients say


I’m so glad I can help first-time home buyers with mine! When I was just a kid, I learned from my father his “Yes you can!” attitude, and now I love to share that enthusiasm with my clients. As a realtor and interior designer, I’ve been able to help buyers make the best decisions for their unique situation and lifestyles.

Most home shoppers don’t have the training or knowledge to quickly and efficiently see the changes that can be made in a property. It’s something that trained designers can do. My approach to seeing the potential, and not the surface issues, in every home, is something I’ve mastered through years of experience. I started my own company to close that gap between experienced design know-how and buyers like you. It’s my mission to help everyone with an easy system and results they can be excited about.

As a coach for first-time homebuyers, I set them up with an actual plan and a timeline for making their needs, and even their wishes happen. It’s a service for home-buying that not only saves you money – it can also save your sanity, give you back precious time, and actually let you enjoy house shopping!  I can tell you that nothing is better than seeing the look in my clients’ faces when they see their dreams become a reality. More than anything, what motivates me is their sense of accomplishment as my clients get clarity in their plans and that awesome feeling of “Yes, we can!”


My Recent Projects