120-year old bathroom renovation in Bridgeland

My client’s home, located near Downtown Calgary, had all the charm of a 120-year-old home, and only one bathroom. Renovating it implied attention to every detail to avoid as much discomfort as possible. The owner had very clear goals in mind: change the tub into a walk-in shower, provide as much storage as possible and create a modern-spa retreat feel. One of the major challenges we encounter was not only the age of the home but also the privacy that the existing window provided. We knew it had to be replaced by one with adequate privacy while keeping the facade of this single home intact.

The combination of white and earthy tones provided a relaxing and clean atmosphere, while the modern vibes were added by using a rainfall shower, wide glass panels, and chrome details all throughout. This renovation was completed in record time and the total cost was very close to what the owner originally intended to spend.

Before photos

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