Design SOS

Many first-time homeowners think they can’t afford to pay for professional design services and will spend their first 2 years deciding colors and buying a few new pieces of furniture. Most of my clients come to me after years of frustration because nothing works, their home looks unfinished and they are tired of buying things that don’t quite go together.

If you can relate, then you are at the right place. My Design SOS has been created with you in mind. For a flat fee, we meet online and we “tour” your home or the room of your choice.

You already know what you don’t like. So, let’s fix what is not working, validate your ideas and brainstorm new ones that may not have been considered. At the end of our session, you will also receive a written summary of everything discussed, including suggestions, inspirations photos, links to resources and vendors.

You may even discover that all you needed was a nudge from a friendly, non-judgemental designer who understands how to stretch the budget to get the most for your money.

Hourly rate


You can purchase one session of 1 hour or more at your convenience.

Shelley had big plans for her kitchen renovation and used the Design SOS to talk about storage solutions, the placement of new lights and the new size of her island. We also visited the tile store and selected 3 options that she later discussed with her husband.
Marisa wanted to sell her house and knew it needed an upgrade to sell it well. During her Design SOS, we rearranged her existing furniture, selected artwork, and chose new floors along with wall colors. Her house sold above her asking price.
Sangeta purchased 1.5 hours of Design SOS. We discussed her vision for the living room, family room and basement. Validating those ideas and brainstorming new ones was all she needed.

These are exciting times. Let’s take your pins to reality! Avoid the Unfinished Home Syndrome and Design Fatigue by taking action with intention.