Ready to take possession of your new home? Is your Pinterest Board full of ideas, but you don´t know where to start? Are you limited by your budget, time or know-how?

Picture this: you finally receive the keys to your very first property. Oh the changes you will make! You have plans and dreams, but as many first-time homeowners, your money has gone towards the down-payment of the house and the closing fees. You are also now dealing with the mortgage payments, property taxes, home insurance and maybe even condo-fees.                      

When and how are those decor dreams and renovation plans going to turn into reality?! 

I am here to tell you that:

Avoid unnecessary trips to the store to return items that “don´t go” or “don´t fit”. Avoid having to settle with a purchase or a renovation that did not turn out how you thought it would. Avoid saying those famous but regretful words: “I wish I would have known that”. 

My personalized online consultations will be just like having me there with you. Together we will develop a VISION of the end result and a PLAN to implement it, the right way.

The Strategy Package consists of 3 online meetings with the sole objective of developing a VISION of the End Result and a PLAN to get there, one that adapts to your budget and your time-frame.

You will have a clear picture of your future room and the know-how to turn it into a reality by walking away with: 

Investment: $750.00 for 1 room
$1300.00 for 2 rooms
$3200.00 for 5 rooms or areas (For example: living room, dining room, and 3 bedrooms). Ask for our package for full bathroom and kitchen design, including the supervision of the project.




Prior to this first meeting, I’ll review the Needs Assessment Questionnaire, carefully go over the photos and videos you send me, and make extensive notes from your Pinterest Board. When we meet, you will be presented with layout options based on your lifestyle and priorities, and with inspiration boards reflecting the mood you envision for this space. Together will evaluate the layouts to choose the one that serves you better, discuss the different inspiration pieces and your Ideal Budget along with your money-allocation plan.


During our second meeting, you will be presented with complete mood boards based on the inspiration pieces selected. This is the time to make decisions, and express likes and dislikes, including changes that may affect the layout and the Shopping List. We will make the necessary changes, align the design with the Ideal Budget, tweak mood boards and review different options. Together we will develop the VISION based on Design Targets that you will be able to implement in future projects.


During this final meeting you will be presented with the Shopping List, and the Budget Spreadsheet. I aim to stay within your pre-determined spending amount and at this point, we talk about money allocation, when to tackle certain projects, what to eliminate, postpone or downgrade choices. We know you have worked hard for your design budget and take very seriously this opportunity to create a roadmap that will take you from living in a house to absolutely loving your home.

In addition, you will receive the recording of each of the sessions, which you will be able to watch at your convenience every time there is a need to go over my Design Pillars.