Jessica Velazquez is an Interior Designer, the creator of “The 9 Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Our Home-Dreams” and the host of My First Home in Canada – a virtual event designed to empower attendees with the tools they need to overcome today’s homeownership challenges in Canada. She also leads the virtual movement #selfcarebeginsathome, which gathers experts in the self-wellness industry to provide transformative insight into how to create a home that takes care of us and sets us up for success. 

Through her coaching service, Interiors by Jessica, she helps her clients put together a plan that aligns with their vision and budget before spending any money, eradicating remodeler’s remorse. Enhancing each client’s unique home space to manifest and truly support their authentic lifestyle and personal taste is her mission.

She believes that because our well-being is inseparable from our environment, improving our surroundings is a duty we owe to ourselves. Her innovative Design Pillars empower each client to take action, refine their intentions and strategize their dreams, beating decor fatigue and avoiding budget regrets.


As the host of her own show, a regular guest on podcasts, and a frequent speaker on a variety of topics, Jessica is available to elaborate or speak about the following topics:

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