3 reasons for investing in Evergreen Home Decor

If you often feel tired with the design and decor of your home, it may be because of an outdated color or design feature, but it may also be because of your personal desire for frequent changes. To make your home look fresh and appealing at all times, an Evergreen Home Decor might just be the perfect solution. This Design Target allows for a flexible decor that can be easily upgraded and refreshed, and all you need is the right backdrop with the right pieces. Following is a detailed guide on the reasons you should have an Evergreen home.

⦁ Create an interior space that does not go out of style:
Keeping track of interior design trends is surely tricky and incredibly expensive. You may feel tempted to design a space according to a certain color or design trend, only to feel tired of it within a short period of time (aka a year or two). An Evergreen home eliminates that when you invest in timeless pieces and colors that can be mixed with a wide variety of styles and decor. This way you can easily incorporate different palettes and trends without changing everything, and certainly, without spending a fortune. It is possible to lend a timeless appeal to your home and at the same time introduce different colors, styles, and decor more frequently.

⦁ Give easy and quick upgrades to your home each season:
From giving a colorful upgrade to your home in the spring season to dressing up it for Christmas, seasonal changes can be a great way to renew the energy of your home. To implement these changes quickly and easily, you will need to create the perfect backdrop that can be easily transformed with a few accents and pops of color. This simple shift in the way you choose the most predominant pieces in the room allows you to upgrade and make changes with ultimate ease, keeping your home fresh and appealing through every season.

⦁ Save your valuable money:
One of the biggest advantages of an Evergreen Home Decor remains that it can save you precious money (and time!). Creating the right backdrop implies that you won’t have to change the entire setting, but just a few inexpensive pieces.
Allow me to illustrate my point with a simple example: You fall in love with a bright colored sofa. It’s beautiful and what’s not to love about it? To complement it, you add an area rug, and other accessories, but what happens if after a year or two you get bored or tired of its color, or if you simply need a change of scenery? You will have to change the entire sofa which can definitely cost you a lot. On the other hand, if you invest in a neutral piece, it will be a lot easier to update it with different pops of colors using accessories or accent pieces. An Evergreen Home Decor is a great way to limit your cost and work within a budget.

Ensure that your space stays beautiful to you, valid, and inspiring for years to come by setting the perfect backdrop for the right, but inexpensive changes. Just take a look at the photos below to see how a few classic pieces the right colours will welcome any colour palette or style.

If you are still wondering if an Evergreen Home Decor is for you, then try answering the following question:
⦁ Do you love accessorizing according to the seasons/holidays?
⦁ Do you like updating your rooms based on new trends that resonate with you?
⦁ If you could, you would change the decor in your house every year or two.
⦁ Do you like neutral rooms with pops of color?
⦁ Do you love shopping for new accessories or accent pieces?
⦁ Is your budget limited or are you frugal?

If the answer to most of the questions is, “Yes,” then an Evergreen Home Decor is just the thing you need. Follow our next series of blogs or subscribe to my email list for more about this very important and often neglected Design Target.

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