3 Key Steps to CHOOSING the right house

I am NOT talking mortgage or contract details!
This ultimate guide is all about defining your lifestyle and what your home should have to support your needs. It is a blueprint to help you discover the real potential of a property before you buy, so when you sign that contract, you do so with the confidence every homebuyer should have.

I am here to make sure your first home is not your first real estate mistake.


My guide to choosing your house based on your needs, not solely on your budget.

Steps to tour properties and evaluate them based on their potential, not on how they look now.

My printable worksheets to go house hunting stress-free and buy your very first house with total confidence.

More than 10 years in Real Estate taught me that property-buyers are faced with conflicting decisions, like choosing between an older – more spacious apartment, and a newer but smaller unit. The more they see, the more confusing it gets. Some deviate from their budget and some end up with a feeling that they had to settle on a less-than-ideal home. Result: not knowing what to choose and the fear of making a mistake.

Why is it that no one talks about how to decide wisely? Is it because it is subjective? personal? An individual choice? There is no doubt that all those reasons are right, but there is a way to ease the selection process and make it meaningful and purposeful, a system to help you get the confidence all newbie home buyers need, and for that matter, all property buyers.

My Free Guide will keep you on track and will help you focus on what was important from the beginning. Use it as a compass to assist you as you enter ‘home buyers territory’. You got this!