I wasn’t always able to buy new furniture and most of the time, we resorted to second-hand stores or hand-me-downs. Things changed when we bought our current house, we had money aside to buy new furniture, and I wanted to treat myself to something that I could choose brand new from a store.I knew I […]

3 reasons for investing in Evergreen Home Decor

If you often feel tired with the design and decor of your home, it may be because of an outdated color or design feature, but it may also be because of your personal desire for frequent changes. To make your home look fresh and appealing at all times, an Evergreen Home Decor might just be […]

Chestermere Kitchen & Bathroom Goes From Blah To Wow

This lake community situated just 30 minutes from Calgary, had the perfect cabin for those summer getaways, but not before undergoing an extensive renovation. As soon as we walked in, it was evident that overwhelming amount of yellow maple had to be toned down. This family of 4 also had their own wish list: turn […]